As great mates already working together, Nick Marshall, Mat Croad and Jay & Anna Reeve decided to go a step further. Seeing a gap in the market for a genuine brand that consumers could truly connect with and feel a part of, the four friends set about creating a brand that focussed on bringing people together and celebrated the good times. To do this, they called on a few more pals – marketing pals, packaging pals, incredibly talented creative pals to help bring the dream to life. As you can see from the colourful, recyclable, full-of-good-times cans, they did not disappoint. Great work, from great mates.

Pals cans are filled with nothing but the best– premium spirits & real fruit extracts from premium fruit producing regions – to create one hell of a tasty drink. Like that drink you’d mix yourself if you could just get your hands on a clean glass, a couple of lemons and an award-winning mixologist.

As well as being labelled ‘The best tasting one’ Pals are all-natural, low in sugar, gluten free, vegan friendly AND free from artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Basically, we’ve shown bad stuff the door and told good stuff to get on over here because the sun’s out, the music’s on and all our pals (with Pals) are here.

Pals. The best tasting one.