Our Sustainability Plan

We've teamed up with the experts to develop a two year sustainability plan focused around three core pillars - Planet, Pals and Community.

Read the full plan here or the summary below.

Want to see how we're tracking against these targets? Check out our Y1 progress plan here and Y2 progress plan here.


Our Progress

Pals is officially a Certified B Corporation™ company! This means Pals meets a high standard of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

We’ve reduced cardboard packaging waste by 20%! With a simple redesign of our boxes and moving to a lighter board, we’ve been able to maximise the printing process with our packaging supplier.

All Pals packaging is 100% FSC mix certified! This certification means
that Pals cardboard is made using materials that supports responsible forestry including zero deforestation, fair wage and work environment,
conservation and community rights.

Pals supports Pride Pledge, initiative to increase visibility, inclusion and safety for LGBTTQIA+ people.

Pals has recertified as Toitū net carbonzero organisation and we've gone beyond neutrality by offsetting our carbon footprint by 125%.

To read more about our carbon footprint and targets, head here.

We were able to achieve a 60% reduction of category 1 and 2 GHG
through moving to majority of company cars to e-vehicles and changing to a carbon zero energy provider for the office.

To read more about our carbon reduction, head here.

We proudly re-launched Unsung Pals, our charity initiative to reward and celebrate people who have done epic things in their community with a donation of $25,000.

Head here to hear more about the recipients of Unsung Pals.


Our team contributed 3 hours of volunteering in our local community at Auckland City Mission and the Kaipātiki Project.

We now offer an enhanced maternity and paternity leave package to support our soon to be parent pals in our team.

For primary parents, we offer eligible employees up to 80% pay for 16 weeks or 13 weeks at full pay. 

Pals HQ is proudly powered by Eco-tricity, a carbon zero, renewable energy provider.

We established a supplier code of conduct including expectations around positive labour practises, the environment and diversity & inclusion. You can read it here.

We changed two company cars to e-vehicles and introduced incentives for the team to purchase e-bikes.

Our Supporting Pals

We’ve measured, managed and offseted our carbon footprint by 125% to become a Toitū carbonzero certified organisation. Toitū’s internationally recognised programmes are rigorously audited each year and are backed up by science. To read more about our carbon footprint and targets, head here.

Go Well Consulting

We developed our sustainability strategy with independent experts, Go Well whose ambition is to drive sustainability in businesses using principles of the circular economy. 

We're a Certified B Corporation™ company!

This means that Pals meets a high standard of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Want to know more about B Corp? Head here.

Curious for More Pal?

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